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Remote Video Surveillance Monitoring System

Mobile Sentry HD: Cellular Video Security System


We provide remote location and construction site security cameras with remote video surveillance monitoring services for almost ANY location. Mobile Sentry HD is a fully ruggedized video camera for construction sites, utilities, and other remote areas, NOW available as a solar powered surveillance system. Our remote cellular video security system works with cellular data from major wireless carriers.

Intelligent video monitoring services for utility and infrastructure security.

Utilities are vulnerable to a variety of threats, including theft, vandalism, and terrorism. Large or undefined outdoor perimeters and remote locations can make it difficult and costly to deploy human guards effectively for around-the-clock security.

CheckVideo provides cost-effective 24/7 remote video surveillance monitoring of sensitive remote areas for utility companies. Alerts can be sent to a monitoring center or directly to security personnel for immediate threat assessment and response.

With CheckVideo mobile solutions, video security can easily be added to remote locations, even in the absence of existing security and IT infrastructure.

Remote Video Monitoring System

The Outdoor Mobile Sentry HD from CheckVideo is a complete, Cloud-based ruggedized video camera security system that’s perfect for construction site security or virtually any outdoor or remote location. It detects events of interest based on the presence of a person, vehicle or object then sends real-time alerts users can act upon in the event of an incident. The CMS4HD also continuously records video 24/7 for forensic use. Live, recorded DVR and event video from any camera in the system can be viewed anytime and anywhere from the CheckVideo Cloud VMS. The Outdoor Mobile Sentry HD can be installed anywhere cellular network coverage exists. No other infrastructure is required on site other than power.

It replaces many conventional video surveillance products and provides one-stop intelligent video surveillance in virtually any outdoor or remote location, even in the absence of security and IT infrastructure. The systems connects to the Internet via 3G or 4G/LTE digital cellular access, and, like all other CheckVideo products, uses data/bandwidth very efficiently, only sending video clips to the Cloud for storage and retrieval when the clip represents a defined user event.


  • Helps stop crime in progress by using video analytics to detect people, vehicles, loitering or unauthorized entry.
  • Manage every camera in the system for a fraction of the personnel cost.
  • Spot cover trouble areas and easily enable video monitoring in outdoor areas that lack existing infrastructure.
  • Enhance personnel effectiveness by sending instant video alerts to smartphones or email to ensure priority response.
  • Expand the perimeter with the solar powered surveillance system to allow monitoring of outdoor and remote areas where PIR and other sensors are ineffective.

How it Works

  1. Install CMS4HD on site and add power.
  2. Connect up to 2 CheckVideo HD cameras. Cameras will instantly begin recording 24/7.
  3. Log on to the CheckVideo Cloud VMS from any web browser to configure and manage all cameras across multiple locations.
  4. Determine when and where real-time alert clips are sent – to user or responders.
  5. Cameras detect people and/or vehicle activity and video alerts are instantly sent via email and/or smartphone.
  6. View live, event and 24/7 recorded video on the Cloud VMS at anytime, from anywhere.
  7. View live and play back video from an iOS or Android™ device.
  8. Using the industry’s only video search engine, find relevant events in seconds instead of hours.


A completely ruggedized video camera, the Outdoor Mobile Sentry HD can be placed anywhere an acceptable cellular signal can be obtained. And because it does not required wired power, it is ideal for remote construction sites, the protection of large outdoor assets and critical infrastructure providers (dams; utilities; oil & gas) who need to extend their perimeters to protect larger areas.

  • Parking Lots
  • Construction Sites
  • Warehouses and Storage Depots
  • Utilities
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Schools
  • Municipalities
  • Oil and Gas

Included Components

CheckVideo Cloud VMS

The Cloud VMS allows remote system configuration and management. It provides a minimum of 3-days Cloud backup of all events of interest, providing easy access from anywhere. There is no loss of relevant clips in case of tampering at the site. Notifications are instantly pushed to the user and/or to a central monitoring station.

Mobile CamerasRuggedized Enclosure

The weatherproof ruggedized enclosure includes cellular communication ability, power supply and battery backup. It includes a power supply for up to two CheckVideo cameras and networking equipment to connect them to the cellular network. The enclosure also includes a main power block for the distribution of power to the enclosure and cameras.


  • Solar powered surveillance system CMS4HD
  • Pole mount with steel cables
  • High gain external antenna kit


CheckVideo Outdoor Mobile Sentry HD (CMS4HD) datasheet

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