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Retail Surveillance

Security and effective business operations in a single solution.


Retail environments have unique requirements that span security, safety and operational concerns, both indoors and outdoors. High-shrink areas, parking lots, distributed warehouses, dumpsters and entrances are just some of the places that seem to always demand attention.

With CheckVideo’s retail surveillance security system, you can focus on what matters most — your business. Customer insights, increased profitability and security are all made possible with intelligent surveillance cameras for retail stores and video solutions from CheckVideo.

All solutions include 100% online systems management thanks to the award-winning CloudVMS. Low cost, reliable and secure, CheckVideo is the only video solution that uses analytics to enhance retail security, provide valuable insights into customer behavior and save precious time doing so.


CheckVideo provides Generation 3 surveillance cameras for retail stores that address every concern retailers have when it comes to protecting their stores, staff, and customers. Our solutions also capture business intelligence insights that can help reduce costs and improve operations and margins.

Features and Benefits

SIMPLICITY – A system has no value if operators and administrators need hours or days of training to use it. CheckVideo system training takes only minutes. Our menus and commands are at your fingertips and easily understood.

ACTIVE SHOOTER – Unfortunately, the world we live in requires new types of training for the safety of its employees and customers. CheckVideo includes the ability to provide officers responding to an emergency instant access to video cameras and events via any web browser and smart phone. First Responders will have unprecedented situational awareness.

FEDERATION – Use your existing analog cameras, existing IP cameras and/or new cameras and view all the cameras you’re authorized to see in one portal with one username and password via any web browser. HD BACKUP Automatic backup of video you care about to the cloud in 10 second increments and in 1080p so they are easily viewed on smart phones.

IT FRIENDLY – CheckVideo only requires 2Mbits/second upstream at any site for IP cameras. There are no servers to manage, no software to install and configure, no IT needs at all beyond initial setup. And all of CheckVideo’s communications with the sites are encrypted for the most secure communications.

HEALTH MONITORING – CheckVideo includes monitoring of its own health for recording errors, video loss, communication loss and if cameras have been moved or vandalized whether they’re CheckVideo cameras or 3rd party IP or Analog cameras.

VIDEO VERIFICATION – State-of-the-art adaptive, machine learning video analytics which can transform any camera into an alarm sensor providing push notifications to any number of users and/or to a central monitoring station.

LIGHTNING – FAST SEARCHES Intelligent object classification so that searches for video can be performed easily and instantly across any or all cameras in any site or across the entire enterprise.

SCALING – Unlimited number of sites, users, camera connections, and number of views. With CheckVideo you can grow your environment one camera at a time, one location at a time, one region at a time or one country at a time without any bottlenecks.

BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE – Optionally, CheckVideo systems can provide heat maps, dwell times, people counting, queue counts and alerts, occupancy counts, and time-lapse snapshots which are ideal for ensuring stock is on the floor and not in the stockroom.

Additional Features

CheckVideo includes the ability to view live and event video on any computer, tablet or smartphone.

CheckVideo includes Smart Matrix which automatically pushes video to a multiplexed view when something you’re interested in appears in camera view.

CheckVideo also includes Visual Tracking where every user can save any number of views based people or vehicle movement to logically understand a path from camera to camera. These tools make LP investigations easy, intuitive and fast.

Visual Tracking

View aggregate person counts by date.

Or view aggregate person counts by hour and date.


CheckVideo systems provide heat maps, dwell times, people counting, queue counts and alerts, occupancy counts, and time-lapse snapshots across multiple locations.

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